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Suitcase Cover - Cheeky

Suitcase Cover - Cheeky


100% of all sales go back to help animals globally.
Beautiful Suitcase covers to slip over your case with zip up closure ;
*Fits 22 to 26 inch cases.
*Great for quick identification on the baggage carousel.
*Prevents theft from the carousel in the sense that no one would dare walk away with a case so conspicuous.
*Gets people thinking about orangutans.
*Protects your suitcase
*Prevents tampering as it seals on all sides so no one can slip unwanted items into your suitcase
* replaces non eco friendly 'plastic bag wrapping' which is popular at airports these days.
*Has easy access top hole for handle to pull up through and side handle hole
*Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyone looking at it.
Pack & Track International is the preferred postal method for countries outside of Australia and that is so we can track them if we need to.

If you are ordering multiple items from this store you will get a better postage rate if you email your order to rather than go through the cart checkout process. We can then work out the cheapest postage for you and then send you a paypal invoice. Once paid we will mail out to you.

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