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Vanilla Extract 60ml - palm oil free

Vanilla Extract 60ml - palm oil free


Vanilla is the only edible orchid in the world.
You may ask why make a vanilla extract? What has store bought vanilla extract got in it that I may not be aware of? Well when I was researching what products had palm oil in as an ingredient I came across vanilla extracts, I discovered that unless incredibly expensive, most vanilla extract has glycerine as one of the ingredients and glycerine is derived from palm oil unless stated otherwise. My vanilla has been extracted with alcohol instead, created with a cold extraction process which slowly releases the maximum flavour from the vanilla bean pods, to produce a deep, rich & sweet flavour. The 12 month (sometimes longer) cold extraction process ensures a high concentrated infusion and ratio of vanilla bean pod to alcohol is a ten fold. Once extracted to our satisfaction we pour into small recycled glass bottles and pop in a vanilla bean pod for good measure.
Vanilla adds a distinct and pleasant taste and aroma to smoothies, nutri bullets, sweets, cakes, cookies, bars, custards, vege stews, fritters, soups & other savoury dishes. It is commonly used in its liquid or extract form or as Vanilla powder. Rich in flavour and highly aromatic, Vanilla extract is produced by macerating chopped Vanilla beans in an alcohol-water solution which is then aged for several months. Vanilla powder, on the other hand, is produced from dried Vanilla beans which are ground and pulverized.
More than just flavour and aroma, Vanilla beans also contain vitamins and minerals. These beans contain B-complex, known to promote a healthy nervous system and traces of the minerals, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron and zinc that contribute to heart health and help control blood pressure. It also contains manganese and copper.

We are CCF(choose cruelty free) Accredited. Nothing has suffered in the creation of this product

Ingredients –alcohol, vanilla bean pods, coconut palm sugar

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